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Tenant Defenders now offers the option to automatically schedule your appointment


The counsel and advice of an attorney dedicated to representing and defending tenants can make an enormous difference.

It’s important for renters to get sound legal advice about their rights. Tenant Defenders offers a variety of ways for tenants to set consultations. Learn how you can protect your interests with the help of an attorney.

Tenants across the City of San Diego, and across California, have recently seen it is increasingly difficult to find suitable and affordable rental housing. The Golden State has failed to meet the increased demand for rental housing, and it is much harder to buy a home today than in decades past.

More people are renting for the long term. This has created a housing shortage, which means the housing supply is shrinking, rents are increasing, and landlords are taking advantage. It’s not a short term problem, and it’s not likely to change any time soon.
Asserting and protecting your rights as a tenant has never been more important. Tenants need to understand their rights and their options and how to assert and protect their interests effectively. It is not enough to simply read about it online, or to settle for vague answers in a quick phone call.

Legal problems require consultation directly with an experienced attorney. Make the investment in your property rights. Protect them with the knowledge that comes from professional legal counsel.

Due to the increasing demand, Tenant Defenders has now added an automatic scheduling function to our website.




There are three options available for scheduling a consultation:

  • If you have been sued in an unlawful detainer and served with a court summons, then you need to set an appointment to meet with an attorney to prepare an answer and discuss your options for defending against eviction.

  • If you are interested in setting up a consultation concerning any aspect of your tenant rights, then you can either select a telephone appointment,


  • Set up a consultation to meet in person.

Each appointment is for 55 minutes.

An appointment over the telephone can usually be arranged more quickly than a meeting in person meeting

*We are happy to discuss all the options available to you and the services that we can offer to meet your legal needs. These services will, in most cases, require the payment of additional fees.